Bangor City Forest Report

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The forest is always alive with sights, sounds, and smells: a red-winged blackbird fluttering from cattail to cattail in the marsh next to the arboretum, a woodpecker pounding a dead tree for insects, deer grunting to each other from thousands of feet away, and frogs courting each other from the beaver ponds and edge of the Orono Bog.

Then there is the strong scent of pine from deep within the forest, or the less than desirable odor of decaying plant matter in standing water in stretches of bog.

If you stop and listen closely, you can hear these sounds and more. Unfortunately, scent can't be transmitted over the Web, but sights and sounds can. Here are some examples of what you can see and hear at City Forest and in the surrounding woods. Video files require Windows Media Player. Sound files require an MP3 decoder.

Black bear cub on Shannon Road (4:00)
Black bear cubs on Veazie Railroad bed (2:05)
Baby porcupine on Rabbit Trail (6:36)
Beaver feasts on Thanksgiving bark in 2008 at Walden-Parke Preserve (4:25)
Beaver family at Walden-Parke Preserve (2:03)
Snowshoe hares on the Veazie Railroad bed (4:27)
Garter snakes on Veazie Railroad bed and at Northeast Penjajawoc Preserve (4:12)
Orono Bog boardwalk's final day in 2010 (2:56)
Great horned owl on the Veazie Railroad bed (1:15)
Canada geese and goslings in Northeast Penjajawoc Preserve (3:43)
Porcupines on Main Road (2:08)
Snowshoe hare on the Veazie Railroad bed (1:39)
Orono Bog, along Veazie Railroad bed (0:50)
Around the arboretum in early spring (1:23)
Beaver (0:19)
Downy woodpecker next to arboretum (0:35)

Black bear huffing during bluff-charge on Loop Road (0:38)
Black bear clacking her teeth on Loop Road (0:08)
Coyote family bays at Walden-Parke (1:34)
Coyote in Walden-Parke Preserve announcing the beginning of an evening hunt (1:03)
Whip-poor-wills calling each other at the Walden-Parke Preserve (2:44)
Bird calling along Lynx Trail (1:10)
Birds singing along Loop Road (3:51)
Orono Bog frogs (2:31)
Red squirrels on West Trail (1:34)
Red-winged blackbirds at the arboretum (3:33)
Veazie Railroad frogs (2:08)
Woodpecker along Moose Trail (1:18)

April 7, 2014: Tick- and mosquito-borne diseases (11:30)
April 3, 2014: North Penjajawoc Forest (05:09)
Oct. 7, 2011: The Orono Bog Boardwalk (10:05)
Oct. 25, 2010: Bangor Land Trust unveils Northeast Penjajawoc brochure (5:45)
May 26, 2009: Listening for Wildlife (06:36)
April 2, 2009: Denning With The Bears (06:42)
March 21, 2009: Bird biologist discusses the great horned owl (05:48)

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