Length: 1,653 ft. • Difficulty: 1
Terrain: Crushed asphalt debris, gravel
Trail map

One of City Forest’s four “improved” trails (East, West, and Deer trails being the others), Rabbit Trail, like its counterparts, provides a nice, smooth ride or hike over crushed asphalt debris and dirt.

The trail, in the northern section of the forest, begins off East Trail about 1.15 miles from the Tripp Drive parking lot. Vegetation in this area includes skunk cabbage and fern. Look for a vernal pool on the righthand side of the trail after about 200 feet.

The trail rises gradually as it heads west toward Main Road and West Trail. You won’t notice the grade change until about 400 feet along. At this point the grade of the trail is consistently a 2, with a few short stretches a 3.

The city harvested trees in this area of the forest around 2000, leaving about 34 acres for smaller trees, mostly spruce with some fir, to flourish. A majority of the young trees in this area are no more than a few feet tall. The taller, straighter trees in this area still provide light shade. This area of the forest provides one of the best vantage points to see a colorful sunset.

About 790 feet along the trail you’ll find a bench under a spruce tree off to the right, midway up the grade.

Shortly after cresting, Rabbit Trail reaches Main Road at 1,322 feet. It then takes a moderate southwest turn across the road and narrows to about half of its normal width as it heads downhill 370 feet to West Trail, where the trail ends. If you’re riding, you’ll need to slow down as you approach West Trail, or else you’ll end up going head-over-wheels down an embankment.

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