Length: 248 ft. • Difficulty: 3 (rocks, fallen tree, roots)
Terrain: Peat, moss, ferns, moderate tree cover
Trail map

At 248 feet, Hare Trail is the shortest trail in the City Forest system. It begins off the left side of Main Road about 130 feet beyond Squirrel Trail. Look for the white “Undisturbed Forest” sign on the right side of Main Road. The trail begins directly across the road.

The trail gradually descends into a little valley, going through some bracken fern and bunchberry along the way. To the right, the north side of the trail, the forest has been thinned, enabling black spruce trees to flourish on the forest floor. To the left, the south side of the trail, there is only minor thinning, with brush left behind.

There are occasional stones sticking up from the needle-covered ground, but none too difficult to ride through. The trail does have a few dips along the way, with roots becoming more prominent the farther you go.

After about 200 feet, the forest floor becomes covered in thatches of moss as the trail narrows.

At the end, Hare Trail intersects with Lynx Trail, which approaches from the opposite direction and hooks to the right, heading northwest. An orange surveying pin and a birch tree on the righthand side of Hare Trail denote the trail’s end.

If you take a right onto Lynx Trail, you will eventually end up on Loop Road a few hundred feet from the intersection with Main Road. If you turn left onto Lynx Trail, you will have the option later of turning onto Bear Trail, or you can ride back to Main Road.

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